1. What is The Tool Trader?

    The Tool Trader is an online marketplace and classified service for contractors, DIY'ers, suppliers and manufactures to trade buy and sell tools, equipment and materials.  It was developed by contractors so we know what you need.  No more searching through unrelated categories, or multiple platforms to find what you need.  Have extra materials on your site?  Sell them - some… Read more.

  2. Is The Tool Trader Free?

    YES IT IS!  We only charge a fee for ad upgrades like featured ad placement.  We also offer discounts and coupon codes to these upgrades to help minimize costs. Read more.

  3. Who can post in The Tool Trader?

    Well, everyone!  Contractors, landscapers, farmers, equipment and tool retailers, DIY'ers, even homeowners.  The idea is anyone looking to buy, sell or trade tools, equipment and materials has a place to go.  All you have to do is register (free) to place ads.  Anyone can view ads without registering. Read more.

  4. My category or location is not listed, what can I do?

    It happens - were constantly adding more categories.  If you need a specific category - contact us at [email protected] and we will add it typically within 24 hours. Read more.

  5. What Countries are you in?

    As of May 2022, we are open to USA and Canada with plans to add more countries as we grow. Read more.

  6. Where is the main office located?

    Our main office is located in the Northeast in Rhode Island.  However we have a dedicated team of programmers located all over the place including the US, British Columbia and Europe.Our Mailing Address is:The Tool TraderPO Box 402Wyoming, RI 02898 Read more.

  7. How is The Tool Trader advertised?

    We use good'ole fashion word of mouth and social media like instagram and facebook.  Carrier-pigeons didnt work out too well. Read more.

  8. Is there a TheToolTrader.com App?

    Soon!  We are working on an app as of 05/2022.  BUT - you don't really need it!  Our website is mobile-optimized.  You can follow your phones steps to add the icon and link to your screen on your smart phone.  All users will be notified when the app is ready for use.iPhone:Got to thetooltrader.com in your browser.Then tap the Share icon at the bottom. Then tap Add to Home… Read more.

  9. What if I see something in an advertisement or post that’s offensive or inappropriate?

    Tell us!  Quickly!  There is a 'Report This Ad' button/link at the bottom of every ad.  We don't condone foul language, inappropriate content or images, or anything offensive to any person or group.  We scan ads daily, but we alos rely on our members so please let us know if something sneaks by us.  Easy way to avoid this to be honest is just don't do, say or post anything… Read more.

  10. Who do I contact if something is not working in my account section or post/advertisement?

    Email us directly at [email protected] and we'll get on it as quickly as possible.  If you're on your phone at a jobsite or garage/shop with a lot of metal around or way out in the middle of nowhere - make sure you have internet service connection first. Read more.

  11. How do I cancel my account?

    Not sure why you would want to - but we understand crap happens.  Contact us directly at [email protected] with your user name and phone number. Read more.