The Tool Trader© was created by contractors for contractors. Several contractors were interviewed and collaborated with throughout New England, in multiple industries i.e. new home construction, remodeling, commercial construction, landscaping and farming to help develop and confirm the need for a online marketplace for tools, equipment and materials. Located in the North East US, we have long since needed a central place to buy sell and trade construction tools, materials, farming tools etc.

All of the current marketplaces available for listing tools and materials have not priority, and tools not properly categorized and mixed with other industries – searching for just tools is very unproductive.

The Tool Trader© is just for tools, equipment and materials. Made by contractors for contractors.

Josh C - founder and creator of The Tool Trader© has worked in land development, new home construction, commercial construction and real estate development for over 20 years. Prior to that, he worked as an internet developer and server administrator for some of the largest pharma companies in the country in web services and as a mobile technology specialist. The Tool Trader© is a culmination of these experiences and observation of growing need by contractors and DIY'ers.

The Tool Trader© is growing, learning and changing every day.  Contact us (LINK) with a recommendation or or issues and we'll do what we can to get it resolved for you.